The Ultimate Buying Guide For Purchasing The Best Acrylic Paint

The Ultimate Buying Guide For Purchasing The Best Acrylic Paint

One of the most versatile of paints, acrylic paints come in different textures, quality, colors, and sheens. The paints are mostly available in gloss, matte or semi-matte finishing. Acrylic paint is favorite because it is a quick drying and water-soluble material. Once it dries, it becomes water resistant. These paints have pigments that have acrylic polymer emulsion.

Unlike other regular paints, acrylic paints are for multiple surfaces. That implies it offers incredible versatility to paint wood, ceramic, walls, paper, fabric and canvas. Investing in a good quality acrylic paint set eliminates the need for buying multiple types of paint sets.

Acrylic Paints

In this buying guide, we are going to highlight all the essential features that you must consider in an acrylic paint set. You can also buy any of our recommended sets to get the best acrylic colors that best suit your needs.

Here are a few tested and the best acrylic colors that are popular among art enthusiasts.

Best Acrylic Colors

Let's take a look on our top recommendations of the best acrylic colors:

Winner: Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paints

The impressive 48-piece Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paint Tube Set is for both professional artists and students. The original acrylic paints are a valuable addition to any creative's art gear. The product offers excellent versatility to unleash your creative talents with its 48 colors. 

  • Non-toxic production that conforms to ASTM D4236 standards
  • Safe for children
  • Boasts a butter texture for easy mixing
  • Impressive finish

The set is perfect for experimenting with your artwork since it adds a delightful touch to any creation with its wide range of shades. The product is ideal for anyone who needs to practice color mixing and become familiar with the color theory.

Each color of this extensive set is a work of sheer brilliance. Not only the paints are natural to paint, but they also boast a creamy and thick texture and dries to a satin finish. These paints are engineered to retain brush strokes and peaks for traditional or experimental work of art.

Whether you need the best acrylic colors for printmaking, impasto or collage-work; the Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paints are the perfect tools.

Liquitex BASICS Acrylic Paint Tubes



If you are looking for a quality product at an affordable price, this one is a paint set that comes with an affordable price tag. Each color is produced out of premium quality pigments to ensure smooth blending.

The thick viscosity enables painters to play with brush marks for an oil-like painting. There is no surface glare thanks to a satin-matte finish.

The set works great for all kinds of techniques and guarantees a full application. That means that you don't need to use a lot of pain for an extensive application. Painters are happy to get all the primary colors with a wide range of other fascinating colors including silver, bronze and different, fabulous combinations.

The set is easy to carry around. The acrylic paint set has collected rave reviews from both amateur and professional artists on

Runner-Up: Crafts 4 All Acrylic Paint Set

Our runner-up for the best acrylic colors is the Crafts 4 All Acrylic paint Set. If you are looking to create surreal art-pieces and spellbinding paintings, this 24 color set is an incredible paint set. You get nothing but exceptionally built fast drying paints.

  • Long-lasting colors
  • Easy blending
  • A perfect gift for any creative individual

Amateur and expert artists can use these paints on a wide variety of surfaces including canvas, paper, wood, glass, plastic and even on walls. It is an excellent product for professional artists who are looking for maximum clarity.

The set comprises of 24 stunning shades across the spectrum. The acrylic colors offer a buttery consistency so even amateur artists can quickly mix and blend the paints.

The Crafts 4 ALL acrylic paint set is made out of non-toxic materials and premium quality pigments. The resulting product is a whole set of vibrant colors that are great for any artwork.

Crafts 4 All Acrylic Paint



Another great thing about this product is that you get three free paint brushes with each purchase. This bonus addition lets you accessorize your painting equipment with high-quality products.

The set is ASTM D-4236, and EN71-3 (CE) certified which means it is safe for artists of all ages. The paints offer an extensive range of beautiful and thick colors to retain spatula or brush marks for a fine-looking painting.

Not only adults, but children are also in love with the brilliant finishing results of these paints. It is an ideal gift for anyone who loves to play with acrylic paints. It is an excellent set for creating timeless scrapbooks, paintings and also used for beautifying nails!

It is a favorite product on Amazon and has collected a fair share of favorable reviews from satisfied customers. You can purchase the Crafts4all acrylic paint set for just around $15 on Amazon.

Alternative: Creative Joy Acrylic Paint Set And Brushes

Another popular option to take your creative pursuits to the next level is the critically acclaimed Creative Joy Acrylic Paint Set. It features 12 vibrant colors along with a set of premium quality brushes to easy your painting efforts.

  • 12 beautiful acrylic colors
  • Comes with six essential paint brushes
  • Great for practicing outlining, detailing and shading
  • Comes with a one-year free replacement offer

Not only the set is an excellent product for amateur artists who need to practice detailing, shading and outlining; it works equally well for skilled painters. The soft bristled brushes that you get out of this set are easy to clean and maintain.

The set is an excellent gift for a newbie or budding artists who want to brush up on their painting skills. Artists can easily manipulate the dimensions and texture of your artworks, thanks to its excellent brushes. The 12 color paint set boasts intense shades that have non-toxic pigments. The set is safe for children and people of all ages.

You can use these paints on any surface that accepts acrylic paints. It doesn't matter if you are painting on wood, paper, canvas or fabric, you get incredible results. Another great feature of these acrylics colors is that each of the paints offers a balanced density. It is fluid and flexible which makes it easier for an amateur artist to apply it to any surface.

Creative Joy Acrylic Paint Set And Brushes



The water-based acrylic paint is a valuable addition to your art equipment for enhancing your creative skills. The set is certified EN 71-3 and ASTMD -4236 so you never have to worry about any toxicity. The brushes are also made out of soft nylon bristles to ensure easy clean-up and low maintenance.

You don't get too many paint sets that also come with brushes. That's why the Creative Joy set is an entire treat for your enhancing your artistic talents. The brush is comfortable to hold and promises a comfortable grip for long painting sessions.

Thanks to a smooth and creamy effect, you get just the perfect finish for a professional-looking masterpiece. Since it dries out fairly quickly, you can apply a second coating if required. Vivid and bright colors add class to your artwork while the coverage depends on the kind of surface you use for painting.

This acrylic paint set is famous for its well-balanced color density and incredible flexibility. It is one of the best acrylic colors for beginners and comes with six paint brushes. If you are interested in buying this paint set, it is available on for just around $8.

Best Acrylic Bottle Set

Here are our top picks for the best acrylic bottle set:

Winner: Sax 439304 Acrylic Paint Set

If you don’t like the idea of using tubes, you may want to prefer purchasing acrylic colors that come in handy bottles. In our eyes, the best quality acrylic paint set is none other than the Sax 439304 True Flow Heavy Body Acrylic Paint Set.

  • Comes in pint size bottles
  • Perfect for independent artwork
  • Gift-wrap available

The product features 12 stunning colors which are particularly useful for all amateur artists. The best part about this fantastic set is its affordable price tag. But it is also famous for its smooth and creamy texture that easily blends and mixes for a robust application.

From chrome yellow to brilliant orange, users get a whole range of bright and ultramarine colors. The acrylic colors come in pint-sized bottles to ensure maximum ease of use.

True-Flow Acrylic Paint By Sax



The paints are best suited for kids' paintings and art projects. However, it is also a favorite item among budding artists. The product is a beautiful creation by Sax, which is a quality name in the industry. All Sax arts and crafts products are developed to help professional and amateur artists.

This incredible set enjoys enormous popularity among talented and gifted individuals who are brushing up on their artistic skills. If you are looking forward to buying this premium quality 12 bottle acrylic color set, it is available on for an incredible discount of $20. You can order it for just under $47.

Runner-Up: MyArtscape Acrylic Paint Set

Our runner-up is the super-efficient MyArtscape Acrylic Paint Set. That is a quality product which is primarily designed keeping in mind all the requirements of professional artists. The paints are made out of suitable quality pigments and boast a heavy body consistency.

  • Non-toxic acrylic set
  • Offers incredible tinting strength
  • Great Coverage
  • Long-lasting results

What’s great about these paints is that they glide on any surface to give a smooth finish for an accurate and vivid artwork.

The paints are well-liked for their unbeatable finishing results and a trouble-free replacement guarantee. That means if any customer is not happy with the results of this product, he can ask for a replacement, free of charge.

You get 12 bottles of non-toxic and beautiful looking paints. Each of these colors works well on a wide range of surfaces including wood, paper, clay, ceramic, fabric and even fingernails.

MyArtscape Acrylic Paint Set



It makes little sense to buy acrylic paints that do not produce weatherproof results. The best feature of the MyArtscape colors is that you get a timeless artwork which does not fade away over the years.

Each of the paints is weatherproof and leaves a long-lasting effect for long-lasting results. The manufacturers of this fantastic set claim that each of the 10 ml bottles contains more color than most 12 ml tubes. The non-toxic paints are great for professional and amateur use.

The fade-proof and waterproof colors conform to the ASTM D-4236 and EN71-3 (CE) Safety Standards. You can paint vivid paintings, thanks to high pigment load that makes working on intricate details easier and faster. This fantastic set is available for just under $40 on That means you save $2 on every purchase.

How To Buy The Best Acrylic Paint

When you are shopping for the best quality acrylic paints, it is common to come across dozens of different products that are from both known and unknown brands. It is a great idea to check reviews and ratings of a product before you invest in a set. That will let you know if your desired set is for amateur or professional use.

It is easy to be overwhelmed when choosing the best acrylic color since there are so many unique colors available in the market. Make sure you consider a few factors before selecting the right product for your artwork. 


One of the most crucial factors you need to assess before purchasing acrylic colors the quality. The variety of your paints has a dramatic effect on the final results of your artwork. A few features can help you assess the quality of a product.

Most of today’s best acrylic paints are ASTMD 4236 and EN71-3 (CE) certified which is a proof of their non-toxic and high-quality production. Never overlook quality if you intend to use these paints for professional or independent artwork.


You can choose colors according to your preferences or requirements. There are several packages which are offered by numerous brands ranging from a single tube to a pack of 12, 24 or 48 colors.

Pro Acrylic Set

Check the product label to know whether the colors can be mixed to produce new colors. This info is crucial since most products offer colors which do not give any notable results when combined. For instance, you can’t mix opaque colors with translucent or transparent colors.


Artists who prefer using acrylic paints always check if an acrylic color is built to produce reliable results. That means your chosen acrylic colors must not flake or fade after a while.

If you want your painting to look vibrant and vivid forever, invest in a high-quality paint set that has weatherproof and waterproof capabilities.

Ease Of Use

Contrary to popular belief, not all paints are the same. While a few good quality acrylic paints are effortless to use, mediocre quality can result in a messy and tiresome application.

Regardless of your work surface, the colors you choose must be easy to use even if you are an amateur painter. Make sure you check the product label and features to know if your selected product is for fabric, wood, glass, canvas or any other type of surface.


Some people overlook the importance of using only safe and genuine acrylic paints. It is crucial that buy products that are safe for use, mainly if you are gifting it to a child or an individual who is prone to get an allergic reaction.

Non-toxic acrylic paints produce excellent results and are safe for use in any school or art studio environment. Make sure your acrylic colors are ASTMD 4236 and EN71-3 (CE) certified. Always choose a product which is environmental-friendly and does not cause any harm to your living space.


While most famous acrylic sets are available in 12 or 24 pieces, there are a few sets that come in as many as 48 tubes. Make sure the color set you are purchasing contains all the shades you need to manage your artwork.

Again, buying colors that are capable of forming new colors when mixed, presents a brilliant opportunity to get more creative with your work. That means you can have great fun with a 12 color set that is manufactured to produce multiple shades. Buying such acrylic colors is an excellent choice if you are a beginner.

Drying Time

All acrylic colors may have different drying times. Moreover, other factors also affect the time it takes to dry off your paints. If you are working in an airy or windy area, your paints are likely to dry faster. Professional artists note that thicker colors dry longer that thinner one.

Acrylic Paint Tube

There is no rating to denote the drying time of acrylic paint. You can check the product features and user reviews to compare the drying time periods of different products.


The kind of flexibility you are looking for in your acrylic colors depend on the type of artwork you love. Viscosity and thickness have a substantial effect on your brushing and painting techniques. However, it is easier to work with reliable and consistent paints, especially if you are an amateur.

Acrylic colors that are in jars or bottles are difficult to carry out when you are working outdoors or need to travel frequently.

Expertise Level

If you are a newbie or an art student, you don't need to buy a premium-grade set that features multiple colors. It is a great idea first to get familiar with how acrylic colors work and blend with each other before investing in an expensive product.

Benefits Of Buying The Best Acrylic Colors

You can use acrylics with a wide array of techniques. You can thin dilute these colors with water to use them like watercolors. They also come in handy for applying thick layers of color to a surface.

You can use the best acrylic colors on multiple surfaces. Be it canvas or concrete; quality acrylic paints are for a long-lasting and impressive finish. You can also apply these paints on metal, wood, paper, stone and many more surfaces.

Since they are fast drying colors, you can experiment with several different techniques when working with acrylic colors. Acrylics paints also come with a wide variety of media. Some artists like to play with acrylic colors by adding different materials such as rice, pasta or sand to get a unique effect.

You can also work with charcoal, pen, and pastels on top of the paint and the effect is a timeless piece of artwork. Acrylics are more stable than most other conventional paints. If you buy the best acrylic colors, they do not fade or flake away with time.


Choosing the best acrylic colors boils down to how many colors you need and the kind of artwork you need to work on for getting optimal results. It makes little sense to purchase too many colors when you need only a few. Not all acrylic colors are the same, and each brand has its unique manufacturing technique to create the best acrylic colors.

Acrylic Paint And Brushes

If you have never tried painting with acrylic colors, give them a chance. These paints never disappoint and help you create some of the most amazing art pieces that display your true creativity.

By taking note of the factors we have enlisted in this buying guide, you can successfully get hold of the most appropriate acrylic color set for your needs. Although, your budget is a crucial factor for making a purchase, never settle for a mediocre product that fails to replicate the results of a premium-quality acrylic color set.

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