MyArtscape Acrylic Paint Set Review

MyArtscape Acrylic Paint Set Review

Whether you are a professional painter or a hobbyist, it is always a great idea to determine what paint brand works best for your specific needs. However, when it comes to acrylic paints, the choices could be daunting.

That is because not only there are many companies, variations, and colors to choose from, but with technical descriptions such as “high flow," "viscosity" and “heavy body” it is difficult to know brand what to choose.

To find the best acrylic paints you need to have a clear understanding of colors and be familiar with how paints work. It might, however, involve some trial and error. But could you afford the risk of trial and error when searching for the most suitable acrylic paint for your needs? We did not think so!

MyArtscape Acrylic Paint Set Box

That is why we suggest you get your hands on MyArtscape Acrylic Paint Set. It is a professional grade artists’ quality paint set that has a substantial body consistency and thick pigmentation. It will glide on like a dream, producing a smooth and elegant finish that will let you create accurate and vivid works of art.

Available in a slew of different colors, such as crimson, cerulean blue, burnt amber and pale green, the paint set works on paper, clay, fabric, and canvas among others.

The Product

The pigments have a silky-smooth consistency that is similar to oil paint. The company has worked hard to ensure a fantastic, buttery consistency for easy and quick coverage. MyArtscape Acrylic Paint Set is ideal for both seasoned and amateur painters.

  • Wealthy, sturdy and heavy colors
  • Offers high pigment load for superior and vivid acrylic paintings
  • The product is non-toxic and meets EN71-3 (CE) and ASTM D-4236 safety standards
  • Available in 12 x 100 ml bottles
  • The paints are versatile, and you can use on a variety of surfaces such as fabric, canvas, ceramic and clay
  • The product has superior permanence; it is fade-proof and waterproof
  • It offers excellent coverage
  • It has incredible tinting strength  

With an extensive range of bright and vibrant colors to choose from, you will be pleased with the premium quality of paintings as well as other acrylic works you would put out. 

Your MyArtscape acrylic paint set fully complies with the EN71-3 (CE) and ASTM D-4236 safety standards for paints and is exceptionally safe for use in schools and your kid's educational activities.

You can expect the best quality from this paint brand. It is because the paints are thick, creamy and dry with a gorgeous satin finish which is typical when it comes to the top-rated acrylic paint for paper and canvas. You could also mix your MyArtscape acrylic paints with acrylic media as well as other acrylic paints used by professionals.

Now you no longer have to worry about putting in several hours of painting effort, to find that your artworks have faded over time. It is because MyArtscape fully understands that all your artworks are incredibly precious and offers acrylic paints that are fully guaranteed to weather the elements and time. You can rely on these paints as they are weatherproof and light-fast.

The company knows that the last thing you want is limited colors in your creative moments. It is why you will find a plethora of colors in the set. These colors include lemon yellow, titanium white, yellow ochre, crimson, vermilion, pale green, burnt sienna, phthalo green, black and burnt amber. It gives you plenty of choice and freedom in your artistic endeavors.

MyArtscape Acrylic Paint In Bottles

The paint set is formulated explicitly for artists and students who want to enjoy top-quality paint at a reasonable price. The paint set is available at price around $40, which is quite affordable.

Not only is your MyArtscape paint set a preferred acrylic paint brand for many schools and educational institutions, but it's also the right choice for amateur and professional artists alike.

Incredible features of the acrylic paint set include its smoothness, massive body and buttery consistency which are also quite easy to blend. Your results will be quite distinctive, and it will be easy to notice that your painting or other artwork was done using a top-quality acrylic paint brand.

Although a majority of acrylic paint brands naturally dry quite quickly, with MyArtscape Acrylic Paint set you will be able to promptly complete any painting without having to worry about the color drying before you finish with your stunning creation. Each tube is 100 ml which are a sufficient size to complete a couple of canvases.



  • The product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee of one year, giving you peace of mind
  • 100 ml bottles have eight times more paint compared to standard 12 ml tubes
  • Ideal for both amateur and professional painters and artists
  • Offers excellent coverage
  • Extensive color choice and versatility
  • The product is fade-proof and waterproof  
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What Others Are Saying

MyArtscape Acrylic Paint Set has been an excellent investment for most customers.  People have appreciated the premium quality of the product, and it also saved their money as the product is available in 100 ml bottles. Customers love the thick consistency of the paints and the fact that it dilutes with ease. Also, colors are intense and vivid and go quite a long way.

People have also appreciated the classy, gift box the product comes in. Some of the customers like the concept of a much larger opening as compared to the squirt bottles.

Buying Advice

A majority of the buyers found this paint set better than competing products because of its permanence and premium quality. The more significant size was another feature that a lot of customers appreciated.

MyArtscape Acrylic Paint Set


If you are an interested buyer, the paint set is available on Amazon at a fantastic discount of 43%.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, MyArtscape Acrylic Paint Set is a quality product that will allow you to produce fantastic works of art. The product is safe for kids and is ideal for both professionals and amateurs. It offers you immense color choice and versatility.

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